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My new site is up and running—Welcome!

I started playing keyboards way back in 1982 on a Casio CT-202—you can see the late Allan McCarthy “playing” one here. The CT-202 is the black and silver one sitting on top of his Prophet 5. They are obviously lip syncing which was quite common back in the day. Artists didn’t like it, but it was almost always required by the TV shows because they wanted the audience to hear the single version, not a true live version which always varies from the recorded version.

I’m hoping this site—along with my YouTube channel and other social media outlets—will become a go-to reference for musicians and synth enthusiasts alike.

Obviously, I grew up playing 80s New Wave and Synth Pop, but we played a bit of hair metal and straight up pop along the way too. Recently, however, I’ve been working on a foray into Gothic Rock or Gothic Metal…not completely sure yet which direction the project will head. While side projects like that are fun, but my musical interests are still firmly rooted in the (sometimes overpowering) synth-based music that has its roots firmly planted in the early to mid-1980s.

This isn’t just some nostalgic or retro site about the 1980s thought. Synths are here and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Even a lot of modern metal bands around the world now incorporate synthesizers into their music. Let’s not forget that there are still synth pop bands around today, and I’m not just talking about holdovers from the 80s. As I get the site ramped up I’ll start with tutorials, recommendations, and some commentary on music in general.

I’m also working on a couple books. One is a nonfiction book that will cover songwriting with a particular focus on incorporating sounds and techniques from the 80s into your music today. The other is the first installment of a planned series of short books about a high school band coming of age in the mid-1980s. These two projects are a bit nostalgic… .

I hope this site is both informative as well as entertaining.



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