A Shot in the Dark

Mystery, Crime, and Noir writing prompts, situations, characters, and opening images

Book Cover: A Shot in the Dark

Are you an aspiring mystery or crime writer in need of some inspiration? Are you an experienced writer looking for a new idea? Are you a mystery and crime fiction fan wondering where ideas come from? Then A Shot in the Dark is for you.

Writing prompt books are nothing new and are a mainstay in the Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and general fiction worlds. Many aspiring (and experienced) writers rely on them for general inspiration and as a cure for writer’s block. For mystery and crimes writers few good prompt books exists. That’s where A Shot in the Dark comes in.

Here you’ll find serious writing prompts ranging from single opening lines to character descriptions, all the way up to fully developed situations that can help you jump start your next great story.

The Character chapter gives you character descriptions that range from simple to fairly well developed. There are even some that could work well for a serialized protagonist.

The Opening Images chapter gives you either an opening line or a longer and more detailed start to your story.

The Situations chapter presents you with a situation from which you can build your story. Some of the situations are basic, while others present very developed situations to get you started on the right foot.

There’s also a chapter of Challenges intended to help you learn to pick up inspiration from your daily life and surroundings. The challenges should also help you come up with some interesting stories as well.

Many of the prompts include variations and twists to give you even more ideas for kicking your creative juices into gear.

So kick start your mystery and crime writing today with A Shot in the Dark.

Publisher: Athame Publishing