Hardware Synths vs. VSTs

  I recently had a conversation about the use of hardware synths versus VSTs in the context of live performances. On one hand VSTs are quite cheap compared to a bank of hardware synths. A new Nord Lead A1 runs about $2900 at the time of writing, while the Discovery Pro VSTi by DSP runs…
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Five Must Have (Free) VSTs For That 80s Sound

  Whether you’re in a cover band or just looking to add a little retro flair to your mix, these five free plugins can help you get the sound you’re looking for without breaking the bank. Now, since all of the plugins here are free don’t expect them to be as good as commercial plugin…
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  My new site is up and running—Welcome! I started playing keyboards way back in 1982 on a Casio CT-202—you can see the late Allan McCarthy “playing” one here. The CT-202 is the black and silver one sitting on top of his Prophet 5. They are obviously lip syncing which was quite common back in…
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